Specialist Security Services

We offer a wide range of specialist security services aimed at delivering peace of mind to the businesses we work with.
We offer a free, no obligation consultation in order to assess your security needs and advise on our recommendations. Whether you require high protection Data Safes or a complex Master Key System to control access throughout your building(s) our experts can help.

Master Keyed Locks and Systems

The supply, installation and maintenance of registered and restricted lock suites

Safes and Vaults

Open, repair, service and maintain all safe makes and models – new, used or reconditioned
Grand Master Key full access throughout several building, or multiple outlets
Master Key full access throughout a single building
Sub Master Key for someone in charge of a department
Cleaners, maintenance, deliveries keys limited access to certain area’s only
Differ or servant Key staff member or tenant for instance
Communal Doors the key will operate the communal door


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